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  1. The config file "/home/bauc/.config/i3/config" already exists. Exiting.
  2. [libi3] ../../i3-wm-4.13/libi3/font.c Using Pango font monospace, size 8
  3. [libi3] ../../i3-wm-4.13/libi3/font.c X11 root window dictates 96.204575 DPI
  4. /bin/sh: 1: i3status: not found
  5. [../../i3-wm-4.13/i3bar/src/child.c:339] ERROR: stdin: received EOF
  6. [../../i3-wm-4.13/i3bar/src/child.c:462] ERROR: Child (pid: 1306) unexpectedly exited with status 127

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