From Dagmar, 6 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  2. Brian Kempstalk
  3. 3:57 PM (2 hours ago)
  4. to me
  6. Hello again.
  8. It appears you were right all along. I am very sorry but you have been the innocent victim of a hate campaign by someone on the freenode IRC network.
  9. That person has a history of attacks against women and the disabled themselves and it looks very like they have been spreading malicious gossip to try and discredit honest people who have to capacity to dox them.
  11. The person concerned is someone called 'jim' and claims to be an 'operator' of the ##linux channel on freenode.
  13. Please accept my apologies for going off the deep end, but we have to take allegations very seriously, especially if the source is someone thought to be trusted.
  14. My understanding is that women throughout the linux conference scene have been alerted, and they are planning something quite spectacular.
  16. Brian Kemp