From Deee2theVeee, 2 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. iMac hd shows errors, wont boot but, sttll spins and i can get limited access to some file.
  3. I removed the SKETCHY HD (SEAGATE 2TB_ 3.5 2012 model.
  4. Slapped it in my HP tower, with a NEW HD Toshiba 3TB 3.5 Drive.
  6. booted the Tower into LINUX Mint,
  8. ran ddrescue commands. with retry set to -r1
  9. we did the HD to HD method , not the image file.
  10. FYI its a HFS+ formatted drive with 3 Partitions
  11. Part 1 HD (1000gb)
  12. Part 2 STUFF (500gb)
  13. Part 3 WORK (500gb)
  15. 4 hours or so it reached a state of getting the 2TB recovered
  17. but was stuck for 19 hours doing that SPLITTING FAILED BLOCKS
  18. we HAULTED
  19. we re ran ddrescue with skip errors it resumes and finished instantly.
  21. rebooted and i see the 3 partitions and files.
  23. here is ODD part
  25. I put that NEW DRIVE with all recovered DATA (3TB TOSHIBA) drive in my iMac. running my OS X
  26. It simply said it cant read the drive, etc, wanted to INITIALIZE i said no of course. It sees the DRIVE but no partitions or anything.
  28. I put the drive on my other iMac with Live Booting to Linux Mint , then again, even Linux Mint Sees the drive, BUT No Partitions show and no files.
  30. I put the drive in a USB enclosure and tried on a Laptop with Linix Mint
  31. NO Recognition, just sees Drive, no partitions.
  33. Put the Drive back in the Tower i recovered the data with.
  34. All is good, It sees the 3 Partitions and all files.
  36. im stumped cause i need these files on my iMac. or atleast accessible?
  37. It can be an external HD if needed, but crazy how its all strange.
  39. So....
  40. Back in my Tower. i install a Brand New empty 3TB Seagate
  41. and attempt to Copy the newly recovered files on the 3TB TOSHIBA to the NEW 3TB SEAGATE , left it NTFS formatted for ease.
  43. thing is, is copying slow . i used
  45. cp command and calculated 36 hours to finish and thats just the 1000GB Partition 1 Files
  47. I need to either fix the issue with the recovered DRIVE not showing up on ANY other system , or copy all the RECOVERED FILES off the TOSHIBA to the NEW 3TB SEAGATE as best as possible.
  49. I hope it makes sense.