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  1.        StartLimitInterval=, StartLimitBurst=
  2.            Configure service start rate limiting. By default, services which are started more than 5 times within 10 seconds are not permitted to start any more times until the 10
  3.            second interval ends. With these two options, this rate limiting may be modified. Use StartLimitInterval= to configure the checking interval (defaults to
  4.            DefaultStartLimitInterval= in manager configuration file, set to 0 to disable any kind of rate limiting). Use StartLimitBurst= to configure how many starts per interval are
  5.            allowed (defaults to DefaultStartLimitBurst= in manager configuration file). These configuration options are particularly useful in conjunction with Restart=; however, they
  6.            apply to all kinds of starts (including manual), not just those triggered by the Restart= logic. Note that units which are configured for Restart= and which reach the start
  7.            limit are not attempted to be restarted anymore; however, they may still be restarted manually at a later point, from which point on, the restart logic is again activated.
  8.            Note that systemctl reset-failed will cause the restart rate counter for a service to be flushed, which is useful if the administrator wants to manually start a service and
  9.            the start limit interferes with that.