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  1. 2016-11-08.log:[17:46:56] *** Joins: FManTX (
  2. 2016-11-10.log:[04:50:45] <FManTX> hello
  3. 2016-11-10.log:[04:50:56] <FManTX> how is Adobe Flash outdated and does Firefox actually have it?
  4. 2016-11-10.log:[04:52:26] <lost_soul> FManTX: That really depends...  Did you install something like Mint which does have flash by default..  or something like Debian where you have to manually install things
  5. 2016-11-10.log:[04:52:37] <Desu> FManTX: you want to either not use flash or use pepper flash aka flashplayer fresh
  6. 2016-11-10.log:[04:52:44] <Desu> FManTX: the former is prefered
  7. 2016-11-10.log:[04:52:47] <FManTX> this is Ubuntu Studio
  8. 2016-11-10.log:[05:19:58] <FManTX> Desu: yes, Flash is total garbage, but it is still used by so many crappy web sites... I do not know what gnash is, but I have been recommended pepperflashplugin-nonfree (or installing Chrome)
  9. 2016-11-10.log:[05:22:31] <FManTX> :D
  10. 2016-11-10.log:[05:23:24] <lanox> FManTX: sticky fingers and also because syslog-ng debug is shit
  11. 2016-11-10.log:[21:49:41] *** Quits: FManTX ( (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
  12. 2016-12-05.log:[01:53:46] *** Joins: FManTX (
  13. 2016-12-12.log:[08:52:44] <FManTX> hellos
  14. 2016-12-13.log:[08:46:04] <FManTX> this editor on Linux is not good as the on Windows
  15. 2016-12-14.log:[19:41:35] <FManTX> Spay or Gnuter your Linux.
  16. 2016-12-15.log:[07:49:58] <FManTX> my Linux doesn't use highest available resolution
  17. 2016-12-15.log:[07:52:30] <SkunkyFone> FManTX: are you sure?  what's xrandr have to say about it?
  18. 2016-12-15.log:[08:00:41] <FManTX> how do I do that? also, the OS should do it for me, like Windows does
  19. 2016-12-15.log:[08:02:24] <yanhuihang> FManTX: gnome/xfce4/whatever-settings-manager
  20. 2016-12-15.log:[08:07:06] <FManTX> I don't think my system has the Whatever settings manager
  21. 2016-12-15.log:[08:20:21] <FManTX> the thing is that my highest resolution is not shown in the list, so do I need to manually install a video driver? my old hardware only supports 1280*1024, which is so low that I'd think it to be automatically available anywhere
  22. 2016-12-15.log:[08:21:46] <FManTX> 1024*768 is what Ubuntu is now using by default and I cannot make it bigger
  23. 2016-12-15.log:[08:23:29] <FManTX> yes, it says "VGA1 connected 1024x768+0+0" and now I remember that with this cable the monitor recognition does not work, so I need to override that somehow - is it possible to force a higher resolution?
  24. 2016-12-15.log:[08:24:30] <tx> FManTX: you can add modes via xrandr
  25. 2016-12-15.log:[08:24:53] <FManTX> GPU is integrated on this small form factor business HP DC7800
  26. 2016-12-15.log:[08:25:36] <FManTX> 60 should be doable, I think
  27. 2016-12-15.log:[08:26:03] <FManTX> I don't know her
  28. 2016-12-15.log:[08:26:22] <FManTX> ok, I'll try this later
  29. 2016-12-15.log:[08:26:35] <FManTX> it looks like exactly what I need to "fix" this - thank you very much!
  30. 2016-12-15.log:[17:16:16] <FManTX> I found an error in another Linux application
  31. 2016-12-16.log:[16:56:06] <FManTX> Linux works in ways that I do not wish
  32. 2016-12-16.log:[16:56:21] <NGC3982> FManTX: Welcome to the afterlife.
  33. 2016-12-16.log:[16:57:21] <RayTracer> FManTX: this observation is not only restricted to Linux, but includes life in general
  34. 2016-12-16.log:[16:58:00] <FManTX> true, I would prefer to make changes to the world :)
  35. 2016-12-16.log:[23:38:54] <FManTX> why are the Ok and Cancel buttons backwards on Linux?
  36. 2016-12-16.log:[23:40:14] <pnbeast> FManTX, what are you talking about?  They're correct on Linux.  It's the other operating systems that have them backwards.
  37. 2016-12-16.log:[23:41:33] <FManTX> how is Ok on the right correct?
  38. 2016-12-16.log:[23:41:48] <pnbeast> FManTX, absolutely correct.
  39. 2016-12-16.log:[23:41:49] <FManTX> Linux does everything in some weird way
  40. 2016-12-16.log:[23:41:54] <FManTX> how?
  41. 2016-12-16.log:[23:42:08] <Psi-Jack> FManTX: Why do you complain about everything?
  42. 2016-12-16.log:[23:42:14] <FManTX> because Linux sucks so much
  43. 2016-12-16.log:[23:42:25] <pingfloyd> FManTX: you suck so much
  44. 2016-12-16.log:[23:42:32] <FManTX> that's a different issue
  45. 2016-12-16.log:[23:42:38] <pnbeast> FManTX, again, Linux sucks correctly.  The other operating systems are doing it wrong.
  46. 2016-12-16.log:[23:42:45] <jim> FManTX, everything's new until you get used to it
  47. 2016-12-16.log:[23:43:23] <jim> FManTX, everything new is weird until you get used to it