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  1. [root@orcacomputers bin]# man borg
  2. [root@orcacomputers bin]# borg init --encryption=none /borg/repo backupsborg
  3. usage: borg [-V] [-h] [--critical] [--error] [--warning] [--info] [--debug]
  4.             [--debug-topic TOPIC] [-p] [--log-json] [--lock-wait SECONDS]
  5.             [--bypass-lock] [--show-version] [--show-rc] [--umask M]
  6.             [--remote-path PATH] [--remote-ratelimit RATE]
  7.             [--consider-part-files] [--debug-profile FILE] [--rsh RSH]
  8.             <command> ...
  9. borg: error: unrecognized arguments: backupsborg
  10. [root@orcacomputers bin]# borg init --encryption=none /borg/repo #backupsborg
  11. [root@orcacomputers bin]#

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