From Sharp Bee, 6 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. The wizard, as the only really magical one, gets shoved to the forefront for a lot of what follows.
  3. The DM has a little mechanic he uses for this, he dips into his bag (bad sign), he asks nicely if he could have a bowl please. Also another beer. He has something in his hand.
  5. Meanwhile, the wizard is nudged forward, we are standing before the gates to the place, the wizard has the goat next to him.
  7. Ismail says
  9.     "Speak after me"
  11. Bear in mind that the wizard has the thickest Scottish accent and he is trying to parrot a language he hadn't even heard last month.
  13. I'll do it in doric
  15.     "Ok wizard, tell them you come to learn."
  16.     "Aye ahm hir tae oonderstan yer magik."
  18. Heads start to pop out over the battlements.
  20.     "Tell them you want to get answers to your questions."
  21.     "Ahm winting ye tae answir mae thae question thrae."
  22.     "And that you bring them this offering."
  23.     "Ah bright ye ah goat"
  24.     "Now slit its throat."
  25.     "Whit?"
  26.     "Do it."
  27.     DM: "Wizard PC, close your eyes and hold out hand please."
  28.     DM: "Do you do it?"
  29.     Wizard PC "Aye, I mean yes."
  30.     >DM squeezes tomato ketchup onto wizard's hand.